HIP-HOP is a cultural phenomenon that defines and empowers a new generation. Beyond sonics and beautiful visuals, the art form allows people to express themselves, and can be used as a vehicle to teach lessons.

The idea is to create interactive and collaborative environments for groups to enter and enjoy. With elements of experiential learning and space design, the HIP-HOP inspired installations all have purpose (beyond being smash hits on social media). HIP-HOP culture has evolved over the last few decades, but the spirit and strength remain. With pioneers such as Kurtis Blow spearheading these thoughtful pop-up experiences, the participants will inherit the tools of change.





The graph below shows where the focus of each of our experience concept lands. The ART & EDUCATION axis describes whether the installation is more entertaining / artistically driven or education and action oriented. The INTERACTIVE & PERFORMANCE axis shows the degree of attendee interaction involved.





A performance of original songs by old school HIP-HOP pioneer Kurtis Blow, guaranteed to get the audience on their feet and dancing.

It would be powerful to precede the performance with a talk by Kurtis Blow (and Belgium's Hip-Hop legends) discussing the origins of HIP-HOP. As the first commercially successful Rapper, the first Rapper with a major record deal, and the first Rapper to tour Europe, Kurtis' story touched on rebellion, self-worth, breaking down walls and building movements.

His experience will shed a light on how HIP-HOP has exploded as an international sensation. Kurtis will take questions from the audience to further interact with the crowd, exchanging stories, ideas, and advice.



HIP-HOP is more than entertainment. Songs like Kurtis Blow's "Basketball" have leapt off the radio into commercials and even video games, showing the marketing potential and business applications of the art. In this brainstorm workshop, we will explore career building opportunities and give particiants a chance to get creative.

The INSPIRATION TO ACTION workshop kicks off with attendees forming design teams to select a HIP-HOP song that speaks to them. Group discussions will look beneath the surface to explore the nuances of the song's literal and metaphorical meanings. By using a variation of the 5 WHYS exercise, groups will think introspectively in a new way.

To show the value of their thinking, we will facilitate group brainstorms using these new insights as inspiration. Teams will dream up products or experiences that relate to their favorite songs, ideas that may have product or marketing potential in the real world!

With this workshop, participants will learn a set of design tools enabling them to use intrinsic inspiration as a guide for building real world ideas.



Let's build a fully immersive environment where groups must use HIP-HOP knowledge and skills to navigate their way through a live gaming experience.

Perhaps you've heard of the ESCAPE ROOM sensation that has swept the world in recent years. Creating e a HIP-HOP themed escape room involves building an environment filled with fun puzzles, games, and HIP-HOP challenges.

For example, step one could involve rapid-fire trivia questions. With enough correct answers, the crew unlocks the freestyle arena, where they must rhyme about pre-defined topics. Followed by other interactions such as a freestyle arena and bust-a-move challenge, participants will encounter the 5 pillars of HIP-HOP in a fun way as they trek through the game.

This game-based installation will push participants to first understand, and then re-build their environment. By leveraging the immersive gaming trend that has gained worldwide popularity, we are sure to blow up on social media.




Imagine an all inclusive studio experience designed for artists to take ideas from 0-100 in a matter of minutes!

Do a photoshoot with fresh costumes and props. Record a verse & chorus. Create a short music video snippet to share on social media. Interact with Kurtis Blow and other HIP-HOP legends from Belgium. The ARTIST DREAM SHOPPE will be a one-stop shop find inspiration and create for yourself. 

We want to empower artists by first showing them the ropes of how to be successful in the industry, and then giving them the tools to do so. By getting a taste of what it feels like to build at a high level, artists can draw inspiration and momentum for their next ventures.